Historic Engineering

This section expands on a project-document submitted to the University of Brighton in 2004 as a prelude to an abortive M.Phil. thesis, the booklet that still provides the core document for archivingindustry.com

Among the ultimate goals of the project are the creation of a readily-accessible database of manufacturers and their products; the publication of documents which can help in the dating and identification of industrial artefacts; the provision of a comprehensive glossary of terms; and the creation of a reliable identification guide to the many markings found on industrial artefacts.

The Golden Age of Industry

Adapted from the classified-advertising supplements published in Engineering, notably in July 1901, this free access on-line listing provides a snapshot of British industry as the Victorian era gave way to a new century.

The advertising supplements are now rarely found, as they were almost always discarded before the issues were bound in half-year volumes, but the index to the advertisers remains a useful source of information...even if confined to comparatively simple headings.

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