Lyon Publishing, then known as 'The Lyon Press', was formed in 1973 after I had left Arms & Armour Press to publish The Sword and Bayonet Makers of Imperial Germany. I continued to work with my erstwhile employer, through whom most of the larger and generally more popular projects were marketed, but the various Lyon imprints published another four books before ceasing work:

An Interim Directory of German Leatherware Makers, 1939-45 (1974)
German Ersatz Bayonets (1976)
Airgun Shooting A-Z (1985)
The Navy Luger (1988)
Emden: The Last Cruise of the Chivalrous Raider (1989)

None of these are in print, though copies can sometimes be obtained through Amazon or Abebooks.

Recently, however, problems encountered in trying to persuade mainstream agencies to publish specialist books have persuaded me to resurrect Lyon Publishing to ensure that material which would otherwise be largely wasted can be made available.

The first project was to have been Marks of Industry, but this has been postponed to allow Guns Review Airgun Scene; Classic Articles from the Classic Magazine to take priority. This book contains ten of the most useful articles I wrote for Guns Review in 1981-1992, though several, such as the history of BSA, were spread over many individual issues.

One article is published for the first time, as I relinquished the column before it could be used, and two, originally published in Gun Collector's Digest, had been extensively updated for use in the magazine...but neither ever appeared in print.

Guns Review Air Gun Scene is a 208-page paperback, 24x16cm, illustrated throughout in monochrome and with a sixteen-page section of colour images. It will now be available from 1st August 2017 (owing to unforeseen business registration problems), retail price £19.95 plus £2.80 p&p. But the initial print run will be restricted to a only a hundred: first come, first served!

Additional details can be obtained by e-mailing