Sniper Section

This section supports Snipers at War, published in 2017, The Sniper Encyclopaedia, which is to be published in the Spring of 2019, and the


of which the two books are now an integral part.

One of the problems of publishing a book is that research comes to a halt. The product may be attractive and successful enough to sell in large numbers, but, apart from personal correspondence, there is little chance for the individual reader to keep abreast of developments. Consequently, this 'Sniper Section' has been created to provide a way of continually updating our knowledge.

The Sniper Encyclopaedia contains more than 400 biographies, often (but not always) of the most successful marksmen and – in the USSR's case – markswomen. However, many thousand of trainees emanated from the Central School of Sniper Training and associated educational facilities, quite apart from those who had graduated prior to 1943 from Vsevobuch, Osoaviakhim and in-service training courses straight into combat.

As the introduction of the encyclopaedia explains, limits on content had to be imposed to restrict the numbers of Russians who would otherwise have monopolised the pages. But there are no limitations on what I can put here, so simply click on the relevant icon below to learn more...

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