This portion of the site offers material drawn from the archives of John Walter and J. Anthony Carter, created over a period of forty years to support the pioneering The Sword and Bayonet Makers of Imperial Germany (published in 1973) and then German Sword and Knife Makers 1850-2000, the 'A-L' part of which appeared in 2002—shortly before Anthony Carter's unexpected death. Work on an entirely new 'A-Z' version—German Sword and Dagger Makers. The definitive directory of makers and marks, from 1871 to 1945—has now been completed (including a fifty-page index of names and marks!), and the greatly enlarged, much improved book has been published by International Military Antiques, Inc.

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The information published on this part of the Archiving Industry website will initially consist of a series of lists and tables, offered, at an early stage of research, in the hope that they will stimulate additional interest. Details can be sent by e-mail to or

Clicking on the illustration (below left) will give access to the latest draft of the trademark directory, with the identification and dating of several hundred additional marks. The 'typological index' enabling many pictorial marks to be traced (e.g., 'lion and sword', 'crossed keys', 'pyramids, three') is also being upgraded gradually.

The razor makers list (click on the image below right) is currently being expanded to include makers of personal grooming accessories such as hairclippers, manicure sets and nail scissors.