For reasons explained on the Archiving Industry homepage, the intention is to replace online coverage of certain topics with a range of comparatively inexpensive books to be marketed by Lyon Publishing under the “What's My...?” banner.

An historical note: the Lyon Press was formed in 1973 after I had left Arms & Armour Press to publish The Sword and Bayonet Makers of Imperial Germany. I continued to work with my erstwhile employer, through whom most of the larger and generally more popular projects were marketed, but various Lyon imprints subsequently published another four books before ceasing work:

An Interim Directory of German Leatherware Makers, 1939–45 (1974)
German Ersatz Bayonets (1976)
Airgun Shooting A–Z (1985)
The Navy Luger (1988)
Emden: The Last Cruise of the Chivalrous Raider (1989)

None of these are in print, though copies can sometimes be obtained through Amazon or Abebooks.

Lyon Publishing International has been revived to ensure that information can be made available on a basis that allows work on Archiving Industry (which involves costs) to continue, rather than simply allowing third parties to pirate and often misrepresent work that is, for the most part, my intellectual property.

The first projects are likely to be The Snider, which has been passed for print and is expected to be available later this summer (though circumstances may dictate otherwise) and What's My...German Airgun?, derived from articles I wrote for the long-gone British magazine Guns Review in 1981–1992. Click on the images below for more details:

Additional information can be obtained from my biography,
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